Business-activity translations

Ask for the meaning of an occupation, abbreviation, or other text you do not understand from one of the sources. State the source and image number.
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Business-activity translations

Post by plebensold »


Almost a day of going through the various Polish business directories indexed here (thanks again, Logan!) has left me with a longish list of business descriptions (and abbreviations of business descriptions) that I would dearly love to have translated (Polish -> English). To wit:
  • Sklady maki i kaszy
    Hurtowe sklady blachy
    Fabr. i skl. wyr. bronzown.
    fabr. blachy bialej.
    Blacha biala i wyroby litograficzne na blasze
    Roczna produkcja
    fabryka tektury smolowcowej. smoly gazowej i asfaltu
    Platerowanych Wyrobow Sklady
    Smoly I Przetworow Sklady
    hand. zelaza
    firmy zarejestrowane
    faktor wolow
(I suspect there is some duplication, and I apologize for not being able to insert the correct diacritical marks, and that l with the line through it.)

If anyone here can help, it would certainly be very much appreciated.

Peter Lebensold
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Re: Business-activity translations

Post by logan »

Assuming you have already checked the occupation translation resources in the first post in this forum, you could also try machine translation at:

Machine translation probably will not work for abbreviations. To decipher abbreviations, check the occupation translation resources for words that could fit the abbreviations.

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Re: Business-activity translations

Post by janek »

Herer you go:

Sklady maki i kaszy - warehouses for flour and grain
Hurtowe sklady blachy - bulk warehouse for sheet metal
Fabr. i skl. wyr. bronzown. - factory and warehouse for brown (or bronze?) products
fabr. blachy bialej. - factory of white sheet metal
Blacha biala i wyroby litograficzne na blasze - white sheet metal and lithographic products on sheet metal
Skladu - warehouse
Roczna produkcja - annual production
fabryka tektury smolowcowej. smoly gazowej i asfaltu - factory of cardboard for tarmac, tarmac and asfalt
Platerowanych Wyrobow Sklady - warehouse of plated goods
Smoly I Przetworow Sklady - warehouse of tarmac and associated goods
hand. zelaza - iron dealer
tandeciarz - rag and bone man?
firmy zarejestrowane - registered firms
faktor wolow - ??
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Re: Business-activity translations

Post by Terani »

Here's my take on it. Tandeciarz is a scrap collector, I guess you could say rag and bone man. I have never heard of faktor wolow, but Wołów is a town in the south west of Poland so maybe it is something to do with that. I'll find out the full meaning and get back to you. Hope that helps.
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Re: Business-activity translations

Post by PierreDubois »

Hi Plebensold,

The word " tandersiaz "means junk, if referring to an industry, or junk master / scrap collector if referring to a person


The word "wolow" is a town in South West Poland like Terani says

This is a good translator link that specializes in the Polish language which may be of help in the future : ... ord=faktor

Hope this helps.

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