Transcarpathian Ukraine Directories

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Transcarpathian Ukraine Directories

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I would like to invite anyone searching their roots in Transcarpathian Ukraine to search the new directories added to the database.

The directory pages in the searchable database are derived from a collection of directories maintained in the Czech National Library in Prague. The title of the directory is:

Adresář republiky Československé pro průmysl, živnosti, obchod a zemědělství = Adressbuch der Čechoslovakischen Republik für Industrie, Gewerbe, Handel und Landwirtschaft .... Sv. 2., Země Moravskoslezská, Slovensko, Podkarpatská Rus -
Praha : Rudolf Mosse

The directories were published in two volumes per year, each numbering about 1500 pages! The first volume includes information covering the area of Czech republic. The second volume includes Slovakia and Transcarpathian Ukraine. The section on Transcarpathian Ukraine is about 80 pages in each volume and that is what has been uploaded to the searchable database.

I hope you will find it useful.

Adam Smith
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