Krakow Censuses (Updated Instructions)

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Krakow Censuses (Updated Instructions)

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Scans of Krakow censuses for 1850, 1870, 1880, 1890, 1900, and 1910, including both actual census records and name indexes (all handwritten), are viewable on the Polish State Archives' website Years ago, we posted instructions for using these census records when they were available on a prior version of the Polish State Archives' website and/or other websites. Please note the new locations for the census images:

1850: ... polu=30905
1870: ... polu=30906
1880: ... polu=30907
1890: ... polu=30908
1900: ... polu=30909
1910: ... polu=30910

For each census, there are scanned index books, in which you can look up a head of household by name and find the corresponding house number ("Lizcba domu") and district ("Dziel. miasta"), such as house number 50 in district VIII. Then, you can view the group of census scans with a title indicating that they include that house number and district, such as "Spis ludnosci 1880, Dz. VIII, nr 25-67, T. 19". Within each group of census scans, the records should be ordered by house number. can be slow to load full-size images, but you can sometimes glean enough when browsing thumbnails (which load faster) if you use your web browser's magnification function (in Google Chrome on Windows, Ctrl +).

Although the old instructions are now outdated in some respects (e.g., you should use the above links to the censuses, not the links in the old instructions), they contain additional details that researchers unfamiliar with the censuses might find helpful. Links to the old instructions can be found below. Note especially the comments by user madeleine, who indicates where each letter begins in many of the index books, and the example images in the old 1890 instructions.

Old 1850, 1870: ... =14&t=5010
Old 1880: ... =14&t=4756
Old 1890: ... =14&t=3017
Old 1900, 1910: ... =14&t=3073

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