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Krakow Census 1880 online (instructions)

Posted: Tue Nov 04, 2014 4:26 pm
by logan
About two-thirds of the Krakow Census of 1880 is now viewable online for free, with (handwritten) name indices, thanks to Poland's National Archives in Krakow and National Digital Archives. I do not know whether the rest will be similarly available.

I do not have time now to provide detailed instructions, but perhaps someone else can (feel free to reply to this post to share any tips publicly). The general procedure is to first check the two name indices, which are roughly alphabetized by surname of the head of household: ... 0#tabSkany ... 0#tabSkany

When you find an index entry for a person of interest, record the two numbers next to it in the "Lizcba domu" and "Dziel. miasta" columns (e.g., 50 and VIII).

Then, visit ... bJednostki, which has links to groups of census images, and find the link that includes "Dz." followed by your "Dziel. miasta" number (Roman numerals) and has a "nr" range including your "Lizcba domu" number (Arabic numerals). For example, if your numbers are 50 and VIII, the link you want is "Spis ludnosci 1880, Dz. VIII, nr 25-67, T. 19."

After following that link, search for a census image that looks like a spreadsheet and has your "Liczba domu" number (e.g, 50) in the top right. There might be several with the same "Liczba domu" number, and one or more should have information about the person/family of interest.

Along the way, you will need to enlarge thumbnail images (by clicking on them), and possibly enlarge even further (by clicking on the icon that looks like a white rectangle on a black circle near the bottom right of the first enlargement). Fully enlarged images can be saved to your computer ("Download" link below the image).


Re: Krakow Census 1880 online (instructions)

Posted: Thu Jan 29, 2015 2:40 pm
by madeleine
For the 1880 Krakow census, as I did for the 1890 census, I decided to help a bit by going through the indices that Logan provided, to indicate where to find alphabetically the names you might be searching for.

Just a little of a caveat: while I haven't looked at these images in great detail, Some of the first images -- i.e., the "As" the pages are torn and names are not entirely there. In the second link, I did notice some pages appear twice, possibly one scan being brighter/easier to read than the other.

In the first link, ... 0#tabSkany, there are 503 images. with the beginning and ending images basically the covers.
So the numbers below indicate the first image among the 503, where you should look for your name of interest:

A 4
B 13
C 48
D 68
E 85
F 91
G 108
H 138
(I)J 155
K 175
L 231
M 258
N 294
O 309
P 321
Q --
R 353
S 374
T 430
U 445
V 452
W 454
X 485
Y --
Z 486

In the second link, ... 0#tabSkany (447 images):

A 5
B 18
C 49
D 63
E 80
F 86
G 104
H 130
(I)J 147
K 164
L 205
M 230
N 255
O 267
P 277
Q 304
R 305
S 325
T 371
U 385
V 395
W 403
X --
Y --
Z 429

With this as a starting point, you can now proceed as Logan indicated, to find the appropriate pages.


Re: Krakow Census 1880 online (instructions)

Posted: Thu Mar 26, 2015 4:08 pm
by espintl
Following the above links, I have found the images for the indexes but none for the census itself. Any ideas where to go to find it?



Re: Krakow Census 1880 online (instructions)

Posted: Thu Mar 26, 2015 6:40 pm
by logan
Steven, Please see the instructions in the first post: "Then, visit ... bJednostki, which has links to groups of census images..."


Re: Krakow Census 1880 online (instructions)

Posted: Fri Mar 27, 2015 3:39 am
by espintl
Thanks, I went to that page, unlike the census of 1910, the results are presented in a different way. Here one you click on the above link you come to the page with a lost list of records titled Spis ludnosci/Census 1880. Dz (DziaƂ)/Division followed by the Roman number, then the range of house numbers (?), and then T. (Tom)/Volume. Once you click to the selected record according to the Roman designation in the index regarding a particular person, you arrive not to the page with the scans but to another page with a menu on top.
First when you click Digital Copies [1361], only then you will be able to see the actual scans.
What is confusing is the fact the number of Digital Copies. Although I am looking for Division VII which is supposed to contain 69 scans, the Digital Scans refer to the total number of scans. Besides which is confusing, the number from the index which is supposed to be the house number is not the same as the number of the page I am looking for. Due to the small size of the icons I need to enlarge each and download it, only then can I read what is on the page, worst case scenario by loading it into Photoshop. The procedure is unwieldy, and I cannot but wonder why there is no option of downloading at least one Division at the time, which would make the search much simpler and save time. It also appears that lots of house numbers are missing, besides some of the pages are in part unreadable, which is a pity but nothing one can do anything about over 130 years later. It is still a good thing censuses are online allowing one a peek into the past. Unfortunately, as far as I could see, the last census that specify personal details was from 1910, the later ones are only statistics, not of much use for genealogical searches.

Re: Krakow Census 1880 online (instructions)

Posted: Fri Mar 27, 2015 4:55 pm
by madeleine
To users of the 1880 Krakow Census,

The capability is not perfect, but I'm glad that it exists altogether!

To enlarge an image, just click on the little enlarging icon found next to the Z in a circle, at the bottom right hand corner of the image. That will bring up an enlarged image that you can navigate quite easily, up, down and sideways, and read the names quite well. While it's possible to also reduce the size, apparently it does not stay fixed for the next image.

I too wish there was a way to skip a page to advance the images rather than having to page through one-by-one. Often a second page is blank, since I suspect they did it to accommodate large families that needed more than one page. That appears to be the exception rather than the rule. So it is just time consuming to go to the next page, wait for it to load, then find it blank, and then go to the next one. So yes, the system is imperfect; it demands patience!