Volpiansky in Kaunas City and Balbieriskis

Include as much as you know of name, town, street address, occupation, date.
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Volpiansky in Kaunas City and Balbieriskis

Post by loren » Wed Dec 19, 2012 12:36 am

I would greatly appreciate any assistance finding information about the Volpiansky Family in Kaunas City (probably after 1918) and Balbieriskis, Lithuania.
Searches for the name only results in many hit. Is it possible to convert the Cyrillic?

I would like to search for 3 other families once I understand the process.

Thank you kindly,

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Re: Volpiansky in Kaunas City and Balbieriskis

Post by logan » Thu Dec 20, 2012 2:16 am

Nearly all of the matches for Volpiansky are in directories limited to Grodno Gubernia or Saint Petersburg, so they would not include Kaunas or Balbieriskis. However, there are a few matches in directories covering the entire Russian Empire. The only way to know whether those matches are from Kaunas or Balbieriskis is to click the links and examine the corresponding images. Often, in the all-Russian Empire directories, the page header will indicate the gubernia, and the town or uyezd will be listed on a prior page -- if you are only interested in Kaunas or Balbieriskis, seeing the page header might be enough to rule out the match. To fully interpret a matching page, you might need the help of someone who can read Russian.


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