Bruchfeld family from Crumstadt (today's Riedstadt) in NYC

Include as much as you know of name, town, street address, occupation, date.
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Bruchfeld family from Crumstadt (today's Riedstadt) in NYC

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There are four Bruchfeld Jewish family members from the German village of Crumstadt, whose ancestry I've been trying to determine:

1. Bruchfeld, Lazarus: b. 1849, married
2. Bruchfeld, Bertha: b. 1881, single
3. Bruchfeld, Clementine: b. ca. 1884, single

The three of them arrived in NYC in 1909 onboard the same ship.

4. Bruchfeld, Albert: b. 1889 in Germany, married Carolyn (b. 1900) and adopted a son, Leonard Sternfels (1924-1945?). Albert and Carolyn lived in NYC and apparently did not have biological children.

I could not find a birthplace for Albert, but given that most Sternfels arrived in the US from Erfelden (today part of Riedstadt as well) and many of them married a Bruchfeld, I'm inclined to believe that Albert and Leonard (or Leonard's parents) were from Crumstadt and Erfelden, respectively.

I'd be grateful for any information that may lead me to identify those four Bruchfeld family members.

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