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Schmiedtke genealogy help

Posted: Mon Mar 20, 2017 8:36 am
by kenbarb_s
Heinrich Friedrich Ferdinand Schmiedtke, born 10 October, 1870 in Gadgen, Kreis Rummelsburg, Regierrungsbezirk, Coslin, Hinterpommern.
Trying to find a birth record. Son of August and Henriette (maiden name unknown) Have no dates for Heinrich Parents or any other given names.
Had a brother Hermann born ca 1874 and sister Johanne born ca 1859. Other family names unknown.
Heinrich married Auguste Henrietta Louise Berlin (she was born 7 Sep 1868 Kreis Koslin, Bezirk Koslin, Hinterpommern.) need birth certificate and
marriage info. Henrietta was baptized in Church of Bast 20 Sep, 1868 - have baptism certicate, but would there be any application with family information needed for preregistration. Marrriage would have been about 1894 - maybe in Stettin. Had daughter Auguste Alrica born 27 Sep, 1894 in Kratzig - would like birth certificate.
Auguste Henrietta Louise Berlin's parents were Peter B Berlin Born 17 Feb, 1825 - would like birth certificate - no place of birth known. Married Alrica or Ulricke Holznagel - birth date, marriage information, etc unknown.
Heinrich parents along with Hermann and Johnanne left Germany either late 1889 or early Jan, 1890 and sailed to Santos, Sao Paulo, Brazil. I have registry for them dated Jan 25, 1890. They arrived on the ship OHIO - where did the OHIO sail from? Bremen? Antwerp?
I have correspondence from Auguste Henrietta's one sister Bertha written from (2) Selchow, by Storkow, Kreis Firstenwalde (Spree) in 1950. Her married last
name Washow. With her at that address was a Marie Berlin and Maries 4 children. Anna 21, Albert 11 Erika 9 and Doris 4. Some of the children could still be
alive in the Berlin area - how would I ever find them? No death information on Bertha - would like death certificate.
Have many more questions but will stop for now.