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Uniwersal / Universal

Posted: Mon Mar 26, 2018 2:50 pm
by looking4thepast

I am looking for the surname "Universal". Very little is known other then Joseph Universal was born around 1899 in Poland and at some point went to Boian Bucovina circa 1920. The only facts I have are he was from Poland and moved to Bucovina married Olga Siscaru and had children but the only one I know is Edward(which is my wifes grandfather(deceased) my guess is they were from the area of the Kingdom of Galicia. There are DNA matches to people in Poland that had ancestors in that area. I am told the surname Universal/Uniwersal is unique? Again the only info the grandfather ever shared was they were from Poland they left went to Bucovina he said the Universals were well known in I guess whatever area they were from in Poland. A bit of background; I have spoken to a few people from Poland with DNA matches (greater than 3rd cousins) to my wife but the name is not known to them and they all say its unusual to have that surname. The common ancestor to these DNA matches would be around in Poland around 1800-1820. I have been researching the Universals for some time but I cannot bridge the gap between Poland and Bucovina. In fact I cannot find a single person or record with the Universal surname. If anyone can provide assistance it would be greatly appreciated.