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Did anyone ever found mistakes on given names in 1908 Warszawa Adress Book

Posted: Sat Dec 12, 2020 11:29 am
by nberline
In the 1908 Warszawa Adress Book there is the following listing
ROTTENSTEIN Berek przemysl. Nowolipie 38.
In the next year issue , 1909 Warszawa Adress Book, this listing is replaced by
ROTHENSTEIN Bernard handl. Nowolipie 38.
Is there any chance that the 1908 given name is a mistake, that the typographist meant Bernard and not Berek ?
Has anyone ever found that kind of mistake ? This is very important for me as my elusive grand-father ( murdered in Treblinka) was named Berek ROTENSZTEIN.
I know by other sources ( newspapers) that there is a ROTENSZTEIN Boruch also living at this address who sometimes calls himself by the polonized name Bernard.
I know for sure that this Boruch ROTENSZTEIN is not my grand-father Berek, as,Boruch's wife and children do not correspond with my grand-mother and uncles - all murdered in the Shoah also.
I am not bothered by the different spelling of the name ROTTENSTEIN/ ROTHENSTEIN, this happens often.
Thank you for your help
Nicole Berline, France

Re: Did anyone ever found mistakes on given names in 1908 Warszawa Adress Book

Posted: Fri May 07, 2021 7:34 am
by logan
The only confirmed mistakes I know of: 1) a recently-deceased person still listed as owner, instead of the more typical "successors of X," 2) obvious typo. Something like Berek vs. Bernard is more likely to reflect one person using two different names or two different people, in my opinion. But, you cannot be 100% certain from one directory alone. It's possible there is additional identifying information about the owner in the actual mortgage books in Warsaw (offline).