Breslau 1935 Adressbuch

Request that a source be added to the Genealogy Indexer. Include a brief description of contents, with as much of title, geographic scope, date, and organizational structure as you know. If the source is already online, provide a link.
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Breslau 1935 Adressbuch

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Hello - the Silesian Digital Library has the 1935 Addressbuch for Breslau (Wroclaw): ... ublication

It does appear to be in German gothic script and not sure how easily that is indexed (maybe that is why it's not up?)

Thought I'd point out just in case...
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Re: Breslau 1935 Adressbuch

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Thanks for the request. I have this directory on my to-do list, but handling the blackletter font takes much more manual effort, so it is a relatively low priority.

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