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Webmasters: get a search box for your site

Posted: Tue May 26, 2009 11:05 pm
by logan
Webmasters can now incorporate custom Genealogy Indexer search boxes into their own websites. To get the HTML to paste into your site, just perform a search as usual, with {html} appended (or, if you are already including options surrounded by {}, add html to the list of options, as in {d82,d83,html}). HTML you can copy will be displayed, and all your preferences (e.g., Place=Lithuania or Collection=Directories) and {} options will be enabled for the custom box, except the match type (Regular, D-M Soundex, OCR-Adjusted), which will remain a drop-down option for the custom box.

When a visitor to your site presses the search button on your custom search box, he will be directed to the relevant results on