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Wildcard searching is now possible using the * wildcard at the beginning, end, or both beginning and end of a word. The * will match 0 or more characters. Wildcard searching only works with the (default) Regular Match option, not D-M Soundex or OCR-Adjusted.


kleinw* matches kleinwaks, kleinweksler, kleinwohnungen
*nwaks matches kleinwaks, fajnwaks, rozenwaks
*leinw* matches kleinwaks, leinwand, kleinweksler

Wildcards can be used with phrase searches, such as "zamarst* 51" matching zamarstynowska 51.

Wildcards can be used with booleans, such as kleinw* | *nwaks.

Wildcards work with automatic transliteration and searches in Cyrillic or Hebrew characters.

There must be at least 3 non-wildcard characters in your wildcard search. Kl* will not work.

Wildcard searches can be slower than non-wildcard searches, depending on the number of matches. In extreme cases, a very slow search might incorrectly show that there were no matches. If you have a problem with slow wildcard searches, increase the number of non-wildcard characters in each word with a wildcard or use only one wildcard per word.

Additional types of wildcard matching might be implemented in the future.