Polish feminine forms of surnames

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Polish feminine forms of surnames

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With the default "Any Place" option selected, or with the scope restrict to "Poland" or any geographic region listed under "Poland," the search engine will automatically try to broaden your search to include feminine forms of your search term and maiden name constructions, according to Polish language rules for surnames, if your search term consists of a single word only. This does not work in reverse, to find masculine forms of feminine search terms. Results might be unexpected for non-surname search terms, but the vast majority of single-word search terms are surnames.

To include both masculine and feminine forms in search terms consisting of more than one word, try using the wildcard operator * at the end of the name's root.

The behavior for "Any Place" searches might change in the future. Note that restricting the scope to Latvia or Czech+Slovak will similarly check feminine forms appropriate to those languages, and the automatic Latin->Cyrillic transliteration option considers both genders according to Russian language rules.