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Stryj and Skalat directory listings

Posted: Wed Jul 14, 2010 4:25 am
by logan
In order to determine the names of Holocaust victims from Stryj and Skalat identified only by occupation in eyewitness testimonies collected by Yahad-In Unum (Father Patrick Desbois), I have collated directory entries from Stryj and Skalat in Excel spreadsheets which are now publicly available at and These collations primarily cover directories from the 1930s, most of which are included in the Genealogy Indexer search engine, but some of which are only available offline. Entries from offline directories were graciously contributed by Yoram Mayorek and an anonymous researcher. These spreadsheets contain both Jews and non-Jews, everyone who was found in these towns.

If you know the name (first and/or last) and at least one of the following pieces of information -- occupation, street address, telephone number -- about someone who lived in Stryj or Skalat in the 1930s, and this information is not already present in the spreadsheets, please contact me. Thank you.