Krakow Resident Lists

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Prof Y
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Krakow Resident Lists

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Dear Logan,

This is a question about the Krakow address directories/resources from the early 1900s. I hope it's appropriate to ask here, and if not, I'd appreciate it if you could please suggest what would be an alternative venue to put this question.

Among the Krakow address directories/resources I'm studying, three seem to be very promising for getting insights on residents of Krakow in that period.

(1) The town's address books - Ksiega Adresowa -- many of those appear here -
(2) The "Józefa Czecha Cracow Calendar" -- many of those appear here -
(3) The Krakow Census (e.g., from 1910) -- ... &t=3073%5D

Each of these three sources includes a list of names and addresses . I expected a high degree of consistency between them.
However, there seems to be an inconsistency across these sources, which leads me to think that perhaps I am missing something in my interpretation of the books/lists.

For example, there are many cases where people listed in the Census of 1910, which by definition is highly reliable, are not registered in the Ksiega Adresowa of 1909,1910,1911, nor in the Jozefa Calendars of 1909,1910,1911.

I wonder if you can offer any insights? Why are these resources largely consistent? Or perhaps these books/lists were meant to represent different things?

Thank you very much!
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Re: Krakow Resident Lists

Post by AJ37_Viggen »

Thanks for these lists, they're worth their weight in gold! I was looking for relatives living in Krakow before emigrating in 1932 to France, so they're exactly covering the timeframe I need.
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