1807/1808 Krakow Homeowners + Map

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1807/1808 Krakow Homeowners + Map

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This source (Plan miasta Krakowa Ignacego Enderle...) digitized by the MCS University Digital Library contains details about Krakow homeowners in 1807/1808, including house numbers, together with 1807/1808 maps of Krakow labeled with those house numbers (and, sometimes, street addresses). Because it includes an alphabetical index to the homeowners list, I recommend using the index to manually locate people in addition to searching the full text here on GenealogyIndexer.org (you can restrict searches to only this source by appending {d486} to your search term). The full-text search relies on OCR, which is not 100% accurate, but does permit soundex searching, searching by given name, etc.

The index begins on image 43: http://genealogyindexer.org/frame/d486/43/d. An example of a typical entry is:

Rozenzweig Bezalel 27, nr 25 - 58, LXIII

This means that page 27 contains details about Bezalel Rozenzweig, owner of house number 25, and that house number 25 appears on two 1807/1808 Krakow maps: on section 58 of an easy-to-read redrawn version of the original map and on plate LXIII of the original map. Both maps are included in this source.

To view the details on page 27, turn to image 28 (the image number is one more than the page number): http://genealogyindexer.org/frame/d486/28/d. At number 25 is the entry for Bezalel Rozenzweig, giving the additional information that the building was made of brick ("detto" referring to the previous "Ein gemauertes Gebaeude") and that the plot was 74 square fathoms in area (this was used to determine taxes). The title at the top of the page indicates that the home was located in the Judenstadt section of Krakow. Note that the entries for Stradom and Kazimierz (excl. Judenstadt) are apparently based on a survey begun in 1797, but whether they date from 1797 or could be as late as 1808, I do not know.

To view section 58 of the redrawn map, turn to image 63 (http://genealogyindexer.org/frame/d486/63/d), the beginning of the redrawn map, and keep paging forward until you see "SEKCJA 58" in the top right. This occurs on image 87: http://genealogyindexer.org/frame/d486/87/d. You might want to record the image number of this map. The plot with the house number 25 written on (not next to) it is the one corresponding to Bezalel Rozenzweig. You can also see where this section of the map was located in Krakow as a whole on image 62: http://genealogyindexer.org/frame/d486/62/d.

Note that, on the redrawn map, some numbers appear in the streets, and these appear to correspond well with 2012 street addresses (e.g., shown on http://maps.google.com). This redrawn map was created in 1949 by Dr. Antoni Karczewski of the Mining Academy in Krakow, but I do not know whether the street addresses date from 1949 or an earlier time.

To view plate LXIII of the original map, note that LXIII stands for 63 and turn to image 63+91=154: http://genealogyindexer.org/frame/d486/154/d. The map image numbers are all offset by 91 in this section. You should see "TABL. LXIII" in the top right. The house numbers are generally much more difficult to read on this map, due to the reprography used for publication, which is why it was redrawn. It sometimes helps to look at neighboring numbers or compare to the redrawn map (using the image number you might have recorded, above).

Although this source is easy to use, it could be made easier by creating a database of the homeowners that is linked directly to the corresponding redrawn map, with the plot highlighted, and with the ability to turn on an overlay of the original map. It would also be useful to have an overlay of a modern map and/or satellite imagery.

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