Looking for information on Jablonski/Purzycki

Include as much as you know of name, town, street address, occupation, date.
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Looking for information on Jablonski/Purzycki

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Hi there,
I'm looking for information on my family in Poland, we weren't told much about our family history by my grandfather and now that he has passed away we are searching for information. My grandfather was Stanley Puzycki (originally Purzycki) his mother was Anna Jablonski (Jablonska) and his father was John (Jan) walter Purzycki. Anna and John came from Poland. John Walter Purzycki was born 24 Oct 1895 in "Dolrzankow," Poland. This may or may not be a mistranscription of the village of Drzonków, which is located in Gmina Zielona Gora, Zielona Gora County, Poland. He arrived in NYC on 3 Mar 1913 aboard the Lapland.

His wife Anna Jablonska was born on 8 Oct 1897 in the village of Siedlanka, which is located in Gmina Niwiska, Kolbuszowa County, Poland. Her father's name was Ignacy and she had a brother Joseph Jabolnski living in Derby, Connecticut at the time of her arrival to America. Her last residence was in the nearby town of Trzesowka, Kolbuszowa, Poland before she arrived in NYC on 26 Aug 1913 aboard the Rhein. All of this can be found on her immigration record.

My grandfathers brother Edward Puzycki also was in contact by mail with Edward Wojciechowski in Warsaw Poland that is related to our family but Edward Puzycki has passed away as well.

Any information is appreciated.
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