Planned improvements for 2018

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Planned improvements for 2018

Post by logan » Fri Feb 09, 2018 9:43 am

Planned improvements for Genealogy Indexer (hopefully) during 2018, separate from continued addition of searchable content:
  • OCR-Adjusted search method for finding matches despite OCR errors improved for Fraktur/Gothic/Blackletter fonts and extended to Cyrillic and Hebrew
  • Automatic suggestion of matches with OCR errors (i.e., manual OCR-Adjusted search not required)
  • Filter/refine search results
  • Search/sort by (approximate) geographic distance from a location, especially for the many town-specific German directories
  • Sample search strategies and/or guided searches
  • Automatically notify mailing list subscribers when there are new matches to their saved searches
  • Multilingual interface, especially Polish, German, Russian, and Hebrew
  • Easier printing/saving of matching source images
  • Users can report problems with source images
  • Visual changes to better suit high-resolution displays and mobile phones
Most of these improvements have been long-planned but were never implemented due to the higher precedence of adding content. As the amount of content has increased -- dramatically so in the past year -- so too has the risk that users will be overwhelmed by a large number of search results and I think these improvements will be very useful in mitigating that.