Requesting Assistance on Gr-Grandmothers Family in Galicia

Include as much as you know of name, town, street address, occupation, date.
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Requesting Assistance on Gr-Grandmothers Family in Galicia

Post by PolishAmerican » Sat Sep 04, 2010 8:44 pm

I have been trying so hard, for at least a couple of years now, to find my Grandmother's Polish roots and hope that somebody could assist me in finding any information on the families attached to her before coming to America. I am including any information that I know, with the exception of the copy of her baptismal record which I fear would be difficult for anyone to read (but I can email it).

My Grandmother was "Louise" Barbara Budnick, I'm not certain of the Polish forename she was given at birth, but I know she was born in 1916 in Chicopee, Massachusetts. Her parent's were Victoria (Zbylut) and Wladyslaw ("Walter") Budnik who were married in Chicopee, Massachusetts on the 16 AUG 1904. Both Walter and Victoria state they were from "Austria" and other records say "Galicia" or "Poland." Per the marriage record, Victoria's parents were Jan and Josefa (Godek) Zbylut. My great-grandfather's parents were Meichal and Anna (Maguda) Budnik. At the time of their marriage, Victoria was 28 and Walter was only 22.

Victoria and Walter had a number of children, all girls, born here in Massachusetts including my Grandmother, Louise.

My Father had a copy of his Grandmother (Victoria's) Baptismal certificate which I have a copy of. From that, I know Victoria was baptized/born in 1874 (believe it's February) and I can confirm her parent's listed as Jan and Josefa (Godek) Zbylut. It's a bit difficult reading a copy of a copy.

Using the passenger records from Ellis Island (on and I located Victoria's arrival in September of 1898 (she is on line 25)! Her last residence is listed as being in Frystak! The record states that she was going to her sister (not sure of name) in New Jersey. I think it says "Trenton" but I'm not positive and have no idea of the sister's name. I realize that she could have lived elsewhere with her parent's and that this is just the last place she lived. Her mother paid for her voyage.

When my Father was in the military (1960's), he went to Chicago and stayed with a "cousin" that was related in some way to his Grandmother Victoria. This could be the possible connection to the sister that Victoria came here to be with. He remembers their last name was Zajac. I wondered if Victoria's sister married prior to leaving Frysztak and that's why I can't seem to find what I'm looking for...or it's there and I just don't understand the language (I don't speak/read any Polish).

My Grandmother and her sister's were all devout Catholic's and I don't ever recall hearing that they were ever any other religion. That's not to say they weren't, of course.

I was very, very close with my Grandmother. Unfortunately, I never thought to ask her all the questions I should have about her family, or I was just so young and asked the ones that didn't really matter (I remember her saying something about a farm and cows, but as far as if that was here, or there, I have no idea). Sounds like something only a little girl would get for answers when asking about her family :-)

Any information regarding Victoria and/or Walter's family (although I don't anticipate being able to find infomation on him due to the lack of knowing anything other than his parent's names) would be very much apreciated.

Thank you so much!

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