The City Lancut: History and Memories

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The City Lancut: History and Memories

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Lancut homeowners from 1749 are listed, together with a labeled map, on image 126 of this source, "Miasto Lancut: z dziejow i z wlasnych wspomnien" (S. Cetnarski; 1937), digitized by the Podkarpacka Digital Library. A copy of that page appears below. Among the homeowners are the following (likely) Jews, listed without surname, since 1749 pre-dates surname adoption by Jews in the area. If you can link any of these people to other sources, or provide surnames that they or their children might have later used, or if you know the source Cetnarski used to produce this list and map, please tell me. Thanks very much.


4 Kelman Erszkiewicz
6 Zyd Szczeciarz [brushmaker?]
11 Izrael Zyd
12 Rabinka Sokolowska [Rebbetzin?]
16 Nochym Erszkowicz
54 Jakub Kufka zyd
55 Zawel Blotniarz
56 Jozef mydlarz [soapmaker]
57 Mortka zyd
? 58 Berkowa wdowa
59 Szkola stara zydowska [old Jewish school]
63 Erszko krawiec [tailor]
64 Oszyia krawiec [tailor]
66 Kelman Erszkowicz
68 Josef Idzkowicz
71 Zyd zlotnik [goldsmith]
73 Idzkowa wdowa
74 Idzko Robczycki [from Ropczyce?]
75 Lewko krawiec [tailor]
76 Wulfowa wdowa
78 Gerszla kantor zydowski [cantor]
? 79 Iosef Masztalerz [groom?]
80 Duna zyd
90 Izrael Markowicz
93 Erszko Zelmanowicz
95 Szmul Wulfowicz
186 Okopisko zydowskie [Jewish cemetery]

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