Non-Galician Jewish sources digitized by the Ossolineum

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Non-Galician Jewish sources digitized by the Ossolineum

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Sources mentioning Jews in towns outside Galicia, typically property, tax, or resident lists, are downloadable from the Ossolineum website at the links below (for Galician sources, click here). Page numbers indicate the apparent beginning of Jewish names, and Jewish entries might continue for more pages or appear elsewhere. This list will be updated as more sources are found. Please help explore the Ossolineum's digitized holdings by searching at for towns (Polish spelling with and without diacritics), magnates, keywords, etc. and looking in the document scans for lists of names or Hebrew signatures. Jewish names are sometimes separated from non-Jewish ones, but not always. Note that the Ossolineum's searchable metadata does not always include all localities mentioned in the documents.

Chmielnicki, Podolia, 1739, page 39

Czczersk, Mogilev Gubernia, 1763, page 25

Homel, Mogilev Gubernia, 1771, page 3

Koden, Congress Poland, 1772, page 5

Korzec, Volhynia, 1747, page 15

Trojanow, Volhynia, 1731, page 5

Trojanow, Volhynia, 1758, page 6

Trojanow, Volhynia, 1811, page 13

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