Looking for grandmother, Dina Geler Vainerovich, from Vilna

Include as much as you know of name, town, street address, occupation, date.
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Looking for grandmother, Dina Geler Vainerovich, from Vilna

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I have been researching my father's family in Vilna for 12 or 13 years and have never managed to find my grandmother, Dina Vainerovich nee Geler. She lived in a suburb of Vilna called Rudamina and was probably born somewhere in that area to Kopel and Basa Riva Geler c. 1879. She had nine siblings to my knowledge, whose names I have. Dina married my grandfather, Daniel Vainerovich in 1905 in Vilna and my father, Kalman, was born in 1908. Another child, Isak, was born in 1912, but died at three weeks of age. The lore is that Dina left her husband and my father some time between 1912 and 1919. It is said my grandfather took his life in 1919 because of her actions.

Daniel's parents, Yankel and Sora Riva Vainerovich, who may have been caring for my father after his father's death, decided to bring my father to the US in 1922 when he was 13 yrs. old. A conversation with my father's previous wife (before my mother) who was married to him during the years of WWII, yielded her recollection that my dad was communicating with his mother by letter and sending her money during those years until her letters abruptly stopped. Her recollection was that my grandmother was in Germany at that time.

I have yet to find my grandmother listed in any databases after the 1912 birth record for Isak. The ITS could find nothing. Of course, I have no idea if she remarried after my grandfather's death or if they actually divorced before he died. She may have married and had more children, but this is not substantiated in any regard.

I hope someone can help me learn of my grandmother's fate.

Thank you,
Danielle Weiner
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Re: Looking for grandmother, Dina Geler Vainerovich, from Vi

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Hello Danielle

I have some answers for you andI would like to contact you privatly but this feature seems desactivated for me.

Nicolas from Paris (not Texas, France!)
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