1939 Directory of Poland

Include as much as you know of name, town, street address, occupation, date.
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1939 Directory of Poland

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How do I search the 1939 Directory for Poland?
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Re: 1939 Directory of Poland

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With the default search options, all sources will be searched, including the 1939 Poland Telephone Directory. If you want to restrict your search to only the 1939 Poland Telephone Directory, append {d765} to your search term, like this: kalter {d765}. The main reason you would want to restrict a search, rather than search all sources, is that you are searching for a common surname (or street address, occupation, or other search term) and there are too many results from sources you are not interested in.

Why {d765}? Because that is the identifier shown in the list at http://genealogyindexer.org/directories. You can similarly restrict a search to any other single source by finding its identifier in that list, or you can restrict a search to any group of sources like this {d765, d48, d200}.

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