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Last name TOR, from Komarów Kadlubiska Poland

Posted: Wed Jan 15, 2014 11:34 am
by Gazzo
My name is Gary Clark, writing from Boston Massachusetts USA.
I am researching my wife’s family, TOR.
Her great-grandfather immigrated to the US on 12 Apr 1910.
His name was Jan Tor, his wife was Klementyna Kronetski.
Both came from Komarów Kadlubiska Poland, at that time Galicia.
I am looking to find out if there is any one that can direct towards history of the Tor name, all our information ends with what have here.

Re: Last name TOR, from Komarów Kadlubiska Poland

Posted: Wed Jan 15, 2014 3:30 pm
by logan
There are several places in Poland called Kadlubiska, but only one is near a Komarow, as far as I can tell. That is Komarow-Osada, about 3 mi southwest of a Kadlubiska, in Zamosc County, Lublin Voivodeship. This Komarow and Kadlubiska were part of Galicia only during 1772-1809, after which they were in territory just to the north of Galicia, from 1815 through the end of WWI in Congress Poland (controlled by and eventually part of the Russian Empire).

Searching for the surname Tor on this site is difficult because those three letters also appear in the full-text search as non-surname text, e.g., when a word ending in -tor is mistakenly broken by a space due to OCR inaccuracy. One way to search around this is to include a town in the search, such as tor komarow, which will find pages on which both words appear (you might also try tor zamosc, etc.). In search results for some sources, above the text snippet, you might see "Section: Lublin woj." or similar, which will put you in the general vicinity. However, it is still difficult to do a full-text search for a three-letter surname. (Currently, you cannot require that the "T" be capitalized in search results. I might add that feature in the future.)

Having said that, searching briefly, I find entries in several directories for a Michal Tor, who was a landowner in Ilowiec, gmina Skierbieszow (not to be confused with other places named Ilowiec), which is about 21 mi northwest of Komarow-Osada. For example, in a 1930 business directory: Whether or not Michal Tor of Ilowiec is related to Jan Tor from Komarow, I cannot say from these sources.

I also find a Jan Jozef Tor, but he is not yours, as he is listed as a student in a 1938/1939 report from Rzeszow I Gymnasium (

Regarding the surname Kronetski, I cannot find this in any directories, which suggests it is either very rare or was spelled differently.


Re: Last name TOR, from Komarów Kadlubiska Poland

Posted: Thu Jan 16, 2014 3:12 pm
by Gazzo
Logan, Thank you for your help.
I made a mistake on the Kronetski name, should have been Klementyna KRYNICNA.