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help find Jozef pienkawa

Posted: Sun Sep 14, 2014 1:41 am
by brickbustermaybe
:o I am in great need of help to get more information on my great great grandfather Jozef Pienkawa. Here is what I do know.He was born in 1845 in "Poland" Died in Warsaw in 1938 at the age of 93. He worked as a professor in Horticulture in Warsaw. When he was in the military he rode a horse but I don't know if he was an officer. Some of the towns that were in the area that he lived are Otwock, this is where he went to high school,I think that the town that he actually lived in was Gora Kalwaria, and I am fairly sure that he had a Summer cabin/house in Swidry Wielkie. He was married to Elzbieta Dobowolska. They had a son in 1899 named Kazimierz. Can anyone out there help me or point me in the right direction? I have tried and other websites but it seems that most of the information is related mostly to the United States.I am hoping that this extra info will be helpful if I get any other pieces to the puzzle I will post it.