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Rosolik / Snyatyn / Sniatyn

Posted: Tue Oct 14, 2014 5:12 pm
by NMKennRosolik
Hello - I'm looking to find more information / history on my family from Snyatyn Austria in the late 1800's. My grandfather, Joseph Rosolik was born in 1891 to Michal and Prakseda (Ulaszkiewicz) He came to the US around 1913-1915. I know that he had several sisters (no brothers). Below is some information that I have gathered elsewhere....Thank you.

Joseph (or Jozef) Rosolik (b. 1891)

Michal Rosolik (b. 1861) parents: Adalbert Rosolik, Maria Czerkiewski

Prakseda Ulaszkiewicz (b. 1867) parents: Bazyll Ulaszkiewicz, Anna Martyniuk