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Gustaw Burtlem

Posted: Tue Oct 21, 2014 1:48 pm
by brickbustermaybe
I have very little information on Gustaw, This is what I do know, 1) he is the second husband of Lusia Feil her first was Antoni Szajer, 2) Gustaw Burtlem had a farm in Zyrardow and he also worked in a grocery store, 3) Lusia and Gustaw adopted a girl who's given name was Emily. Some information on Lusia Feil and Antoni Szajer they were married sometime around 1870 and immigrated to the US. Antoni died in the US, unknown date, and Lusia emigrated back to Zyrardow. Can you help me find more information on Gustaw and Lusia? Is there any way to find information regarding adoption in that time?