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Looking for father's family in pre-war Bialystok

Posted: Sun Apr 18, 2010 1:24 pm
by arkol
Will appreciate any information on sisters and brothers of my father, born in Bialystok.
My father had a brother - Izrael , born in 1915 in Bialystok, died in 2001 in Moscow - and 4 sisters, whose names, date of birth and death - I don't know.
I have found another brother - Abram, born in 1905 in Bialystok. I don't know how, when and where he died.
Name of my father - Izaak/Izydor Kowalski-Kowalek, born in 1907 in Bialystok.
Name of grandparents - Leib/Lew Kowalski-Kowalek born in 1880 and Rejzla/Roza Lewin from Zabludow, born in 1886, they married in Bialystok in 1904.
Grandparents died in Treblinka, according to YadVashem record filled up by a nephew - Seymour Rakowski - son of sister of Leib.