Families Mulner, Eliassohn, Sebba/Zebba from Latvia

Include as much as you know of name, town, street address, occupation, date.
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Families Mulner, Eliassohn, Sebba/Zebba from Latvia

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I am looking for family with the surnames Mulner (from Riga), Eliassohn and Sebba/Zebba from Talsi or other parts of Kurzeme/Courland.
The Eliassohns were known as Ellison in England. The Sebbas mostly emigrated to England or South Africa. Both families had mainly left Latvia by about 1900.
The Mulners were a Riga family and many of them remained there.
Thanks for any help you can give.
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Re: Families Mulner, Eliassohn, Sebba/Zebba from Latvia

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There are matches for all of these surnames in Latvian directories. Just change the option below the search box from "Any Place" to "Latvia," type a surname in the search box (e.g., Mulner), and press the search button.

Then, do the same but change "Any Place" to "Multinational." This will find matches in directories with coverage including but larger than Latvia, such as all of the Russian Empire. It might not be obvious from the text snippets in the results whether the matches are from Latvia, but you can click on the link in each result to view the matching page and that should indicate the location (sometimes, you might have to turn to a prior page to see a section heading with the location). Some of these sources are written in Russian.

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