Saved Searches Help

What are saved searches?

Saved searches are searches that you choose to associate with your email address and store in our database. You can easily view all of your saved searches in one place and see, for each, the most recent date when we added new records that match. Because we frequently add new records, this can be very helpful. Suppose you have 100 searches of interest, maybe one for each surname on your family tree. Without saved searches, the only way to check for new matches would be to re-enter each of the 100 searches periodically. With saved searches, you do not have to re-enter anything and can instead re-run with one click any saved search that shows a new match.

In the future, we might list which of your saved searches have new matches in our weekly email newsletter.

To choose a password so you can start saving searches:

You must first subscribe to our mailing list with the same email address you will use for saved searches. If you have not subscribed, click here to subscribe and be sure to click the confirmation link in the welcome email you receive.

Once you have subscribed to our mailing list, enter your email address below and click the "Submit" button to receive an email allowing you to set your password for saved searches.


To change your password or if you forgot your password:

Enter your email address below and click the "Submit" button to receive an email allowing you to change/reset your password.


Why do you need my email address?

Using an email address that has confirmed subscription to our mailing list helps us prevent abuse and will eventually enable us to email you (in our newsletter) about new matches to your saved searches. If you do not want to provide your email address, you can continue to use this search engine to conduct as many searches as you want, but you cannot use the saved searches functionality.

We will not share your email address with any third parties. This site is entirely non-commercial and has been since it started in 2008.

How many saved searches can I have?

At most 500. If you want more than this, email explaining why.