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To view the full image containing matches to your search term:

Click on the name of the genealogical resource (e.g., 1945 Sofia Telephone Directory) above the search result. In most cases, if you have already installed a DjVu plugin for your web browser, the image will be displayed immediately. You will either see the image on an external website (e.g., National Library of the Czech Republic) or, very often, you will see the image inside a frame on this website. If the frame is displayed, but empty, with no page image, make sure you have a DjVu plugin installed (e.g., the plugin made by Cuminas). If you do, the problem could be that your web browser does not support the plugin (Chrome recently removed support, but Firefox should work) or that the website hosting the image is slow, and you should wait a few minutes. If waiting does not solve the problem, it is possible that your web browser does not support iframes or has iframes support temporarily disabled, in which case you can bypass the iframe and go directly to the external website hosting the image by clicking on the "Image Source" or "Source" link. It is also possible that the external website hosting the image has changed its URL, so please notify me if you still have a problem, and I will check whether that is the case.

For resources on the Russian State Library website, you should see the page containing the match. However, a dialog box in Russian might pop up, in which case you can click "OK" to dismiss it.

Chrome web browser users:

Chrome's built-in PDF viewer might not properly display PDFs on this site (or elsewhere). To force Chrome to use Adobe or another PDF viewer installed on your computer, type "chrome://plugins" into your browser bar and then click "Disable" under "Chrome PDF Viewer" if it is currently enabled. Also, Chrome recently removed support for a type of plugin that includes the DjVu plugin recommended above, so you will have to use a different web browser, such as Firefox, to view DjVu images on this site (or elsewhere).

To find the matching text (e.g., a surname), once you are viewing the full image:

Have patience and examine every word. The search result snippet provided by Genealogy Indexer can help you to locate the match in the image. Often, images are alphabetized entirely or within blocks, but the alphabetization may be incomplete. For example, a business directory may list a business jointly owned by Mr. Smith and Mr. Jones under "S" as "Smith and Jones," but not under "J." Automatic highlighting of search matches on the images is available only for a small percentage of the resources.

What does {d209} mean?

Each resource is identified uniquely by a letter-number combination like d209 or m3. You can use these identifiers to restrict your search to any single resource or any group of resources. See the advanced search options.

To jump to a different page in the 1929 Polish business directory {d23} on the JRI-Poland/JewishGen website:

Change the number after the "P" near the end of the URL (e.g., P0707.html for page 707).

To receive updates when new sources are added to the search engine:

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